Wednesday, 6 April 2011

fig 226: Knight of the Order of Aquila

Little is known of the chivalric Order of Aquila, a clandestine band of mechanical knights established sometime around the 33rd century, sworn protectors of the insular Great Eagle Empire. The Empire collapsed centuries ago, but all across the region locals tell tales of mysterious silvery figures appearing on moonlit nights and guiding lost souls to safety.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

fig 960: Lord Copernicus Diamond, Kraz Refinery

A 31st century gold rush broke out in the Kraz system when vast golden seams were discovered running through the previously ignored and uninhabited planet then known only as Beta Corvi XXIII . Copernicus "Cop" Diamond, a humble mining robot from the Corvus Coal Pits, was the discoverer of this gold, and within days he was the richest robot in the Southern Sky. He claimed the planet as his own, renamed it Diamondas, and created a vast city of refineries and golden spires, using his new found wealth to also entirely refashion his body from gold, including his distinctive diamond-shaped head.

Unfortunately, his exploitation of the lax environmental laws of the region soon led to the planet being swathed in thick yellow clouds; not a problem until they burst in a great toxic shower of aqua regia, or nitro-hydrochloric acid, the only acid which can dissolve gold. Cop was never heard from again, and his great city was washed away into nothing.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

fig 385: Reporter, Eye of Orion News Agency

Robotic journalists were prized for their photographic memories, inbuilt recording systems, and the ability to transmit stories to the newsroom instantly from hundreds of light years away. Many, however, became star reporters, like Snitch Sprocket of the Eye of Orion News Agency, pictured here in front of the Arcturan Royal Opera House. Sprocket was a household name around the galaxy for centuries, famed for his battery-acid barbs and for breaking the biggest celebrity scandals of the day.

Friday, 25 March 2011

fig 68: Robotic dignitary, Delta Centauran Empire

Many of the highest ranking officials of the Delta Centauran Empire were robots, as was the case in many of the ancient worlds. Robots were particularly prized in diplomatic circles, partly for their generally cool and logical approach but mainly because they could take an ambassadorial position on even the most toxic, atmosphereless moon without a problem. The grinning robot here was probably in just such a role, receiving his first visitors for decades; even the remotest of rocky outposts required a diplomatic presence, so when there were visitors they were sure to receive a spectacular ambassadorial reception

Thursday, 24 March 2011

fig 498: Forgist Missionary, Monoceros Region

The distinctive robotic missionaries of the Forgist religion, those who believed in the Forge Mother as the bringer of all life (From the forge we are born, and to the forge we shall return), were still a common sight until relatively recently in the most far-flung areas of the colonised universe. Founded by the robotic settlers of the great fiery cities of Io, Forgist missionaries were easily distinguished by their perpetually burning iron stovepipe hats, and the ceremonial anvil and hammer which they carried at all times. Though Forgism was a robotic religion, there was the occasional human convert; as, however, the conversion ritual involved bathing in liquid flame before having one's head beaten with the ceremonial hammer, they didn't have to wait long for their return to the Forge Mother.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

fig 39: Buddybot, Centaurus Region

Many robots were built with no purpose other than companionship in mind, like this buddybot created to keep lonely children company on the travelling mining colonies of the Centaurus region. Unfortunately children would grow out of their robotic playmates and would often leave them behind when the colony moved on to a new world; it was not unusual for such robots to spend centuries wandering through the wilderness looking for somebody to play with.

Monday, 21 March 2011

fig 238: Doorman, Ganymede Space Port

Every port town has its seedier side, though Ganymede's was seedier than most. Controlled for most of its history by rival robotic and human mafiosi, and generally populated by starsailors, soldiers, miners and mercenaries, Ganymede offered a heady mix of brothels and brawlers. Here we see, as was often the case, a hardened, battlescarred Earthbuild robot standing guard outside a particularly sleazy nightspot, ready to ensure only the right kind of undesirables get inside.